Women’s and girls’ cricket continues to be a priority for Wiltshire Cricket Limited and “The AB Sports”.


A key component of developing the women and girls game is through school delivery. This involves offering coaching and teacher training within both primary and secondary schools and facilitating competition.

Find out what we do in schools to develop girls cricket

Find out the competitions that are on offer for girls school teams

The purpose of delivering in schools is to raise awareness of the game and to hopefully instil an interest in the game that will inspire girls to join their local club!


In Wiltshire there are a number of clubs offering girls and/or womens cricket.
On this section of the website still we have developed a Club Noticeboard and the purpose of this is for clubs to do the following:

  • Promote what they are currently offering in terms of girls and/or womens cricket
  • Share contact information so that clubs can contact each other regarding fixtures

The AB Sports also wants to attract players to the game and so if you are a new person to the county and want to find out whereabouts your nearest club is please visit the Finding a club page. Once you have found a club check out the club noticeboard for the contact information for your chosen club.

Another key area for Wiltshire Cricket is developing competitive opportunities. On the club competition page you will be able to learn more about the competitions that are available to women and girls. That is where The AB Sports can help everyone with any skill level, including no prior cricketing experience.

Soft Ball Cricket

This year, Wiltshire Cricket will be offering a brand new Soft Ball Cricket initiative for Women and Girls, aged 14 and above. Teams and/or individuals will be able to take part in a 6-week coaching programme followed by a Soft Ball Cricket Festival.

Soft Ball Cricket provides a fun, sociable and relaxed environment, where participants are able to develop their skills, socialise with friends, and stay fit and healthy.

The Soft Ball Cricket programme will begin in June, with festivals taking place from July onwards. The festivals are a fantastic opportunity for players to showcase their newly acquired skills, whilst spending time with friends in an enthusiastic, lively and enjoyable environment.

So, if you are considering cricket as a hobby, fancy a sporty and sociable activity with friends or have any further questions regarding the Soft Ball Cricket initiative, please feel free to get in touch with Rav via email or phone: [email protected] / 0-7593-425-521

Super 4’s

Super 4’s is recent initiative in Wiltshire to provide competition for women in the county without requiring the structure of clubs as this places greater pressure on clubs to attract and retain women in the game. Wiltshire clubs aren’t quite at the position to be able to play competitive club cricket due to a lack of numbers so Super 4’s allows competition to take place for those that are ready for it.
In Wiltshire, we run a participation and performance Super 4s competition. Find more at the Super 4s page

Representative Cricket

Improving the quality and competitiveness of Wiltshire’s representative teams is a key objective for Wiltshire Cricket and ultimately a key indicator as to the success that women and girls development is having across the county. Wiltshire now fields representative teams at under 11, 13, 15, 17 and senior level with all but the under 11s playing in the national ECB competitions. Our key objectives for representative cricket can be summarised as follows:

  • To provide high-quality coaching for the talented girls within Wiltshire that are a part of the girls performance programme.
  • To ensure that Wiltshire is entered into all ECB age group competitions and that all of these age group squads in Wiltshire have access to a winter performance programme.
  • To provide a series of fixtures for the Wiltshire County under 11 squad as there is currently no ECB competition for this age group.