What should be the age of my child to join the academy?

Academy admits children from the age of 5 upto 17.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept payment via Bank Transfer.

How much do you charge?

We generally charge a coaching fee for £5 per hour session and we charge for 6 months in advance to ensure your commitment to the academy and it also helps us cover our running cost.

When will the money be debited from my account?

We don’t take any money from your account, we request you to make the appropriate payment in our account. The funds must clear in our account before your child can start the session in the academy.

What currency is fee charged in?

Great British Pounds Sterling (GBP)

Will VAT be added onto the fee?

All prices are displayed inclusive of VAT until the delivery address is added at which point any exclusions would be applied.

How safe is it for my card details with you?

We generally recommend Bank Transfer. This means YOU do internet banking to make payment to us and so we do not even see your card details let alone storing any details. We have no access or knowledge of bank account or credit details.