ECB announce new recommended formats for the whole junior pathway from U9s to U17s

The ECB has announced new recommendations for junior formats and pitch lengths for the 2019 season, affecting all cricket and mapping recommended formats through the whole girls and boys junior pathway.

The new measures will come into effect in school, club and performance cricket from April 1.

The changes follow a three year ECB research project, findings from other nations including Australia and New Zealand and consultation with counties, clubs, schools and leagues.

The recommendations will ensure matches have:

  • The appropriate number of players in a team to allow all players to be actively involved.
  • The appropriate length of pitch to allow bowlers and batters to progressively develop their skills, including running between the wickets.
  • Appropriate boundary sizes to experience success, while also highlighting the importance of fielding.
  • Appropriate game length to keep players engaged but also allows opportunity for skill to develop.

For full details of the recommendations please click the link below:

ECB Recommended Junior Formats U9-U17 FINAL – Issued December 2018

Please note that in terms of pitch lengths, the above information represents some developments in terms of pitch lengths that are slightly different to the information Wiltshire Cricket released in early December 2018
(*namely U12 Boys, U14 Boys, U15 Girls)

Confirmed Cricket Pitch Lengths for Junior Cricket

From December 2018, the following pitch lengths have applied to all levels of cricket in Wiltshire, including:

  • Schools Cricket
  • Local Youth League Cricket
  • Wiltshire Youth Cricket League
  • District Cricket
  • County Cricket
Indicative Age2018 Pitch LengthNew Pitch Length (2019)
U916 yards15 yards
U1019 yards17 yards
U1120 yards17 yards
U1221 yards18 yards
U1321 yards19 yards
U1422 yards21 yards
*20 yards for girls
U1522 yards22 yards*20 yards for girls
U1722 yards22 yards

Announcement regarding new junior cricket pitch lengths – December 2018

ECB Recommended Formats for Junior Cricket – U9s – U17s – December 2018