The AB Sports Cricket Academy is an independent Cricket Academy providing cricket coaching to kids between the age of 5 yrs and 17 years. Admissions are at the discretion of the Academy and the management, in line with the ECB policy.

Admission to The AB Sports Cricket Academy is open to all without any discrimination based on caste, creed, colour, religion, skill or education background. Assessment for admission is normally by informal interaction conducted between coach, student and parents. The interaction is conducted in a way that demonstrates the prospective student’s personality, skill, capabilities, passion and willingness to learn. Whatever may be the outcome, we always offer fist session for free as a tester for the child as well as for parent.

The academy is committed to admit any child who clears the interaction, provided there is a vacancy. When there is no vacancy in the desired class, successful students will be placed on a waiting list and considered for the first available slot. Parents are advised to apply for admission at the earliest.

As per the policy of the academy, parent of a child who is given the admission has to pay the fee for at least six (6) months in advance. This is to cover our running cost and also ensure your commitment. This also means that you are in contract for 6 months and if you wish to leave before that time period, there will be no refund.

However, you are free to leave at the end of 6 months provided you give us a 1-month notice before the end of the contract. Failing to give us a notice will put you on a rolling contract with month’s notice or you can also renew the contract for the next 6 months, provided there is a vacancy. Academy will get in touch with you to discuss your options so that you can make an informed decision.

A joining fee of £10 and a fee of £5 per child, per hour. You can also pay by DD or SO of £16/32 or £20/40 depending on how many Sundays we have in the month and how many hours your child attends the coaching every week. (£5 per session) will be required to cover the monthly coaching sessions. If the academy is unable to run a session due to ground availability or any other unforeseeable reason(s), you will not be charged for that session. If you have already paid for the session, a refund or a billing adjustment in next month will be made for you.

Upon joining, you will be asked to fill in a registration form providing your basic details and your child’s enhanced details including his/her sporting background, medical information, disability(if any), emergency contacts details, permission for the use of photographs and recorded images which will include details like any medical emergency which we should be aware of, your doctor’s details and so on.

The same registration form will also provide you information about our data protection policy, privacy policy, our bank account details, our rules and regulations on field and coaching sessions.