Nothing boosts the confidence of a budding cricketer than touring to different places for playing cricket. We provide an opportunity to visit not only different playgrounds in the UK, but also offer international exposure to our students.

Through these tours, we aim to provide a fun and creative learning atmosphere for our students, to help them acclimatize in different cricketing fields, develop mental strength to face competition and increase their confidence level.

We are soon organising our first overseas tour (across the globe), providing international playing exposure to our students, along with the benefit of interacting with international professionals and experts in the game.

Students will play atleast five (5) cricket matches against various cricket clubs of the respective countries for the span of 10 days. Along with getting international cricketing exposure, students will also get the opportunity to visit tourist hot spots of that specific country.

Please call us on 0044-7593-425-521 for the schedule.

The AB Sports Cricket Academy Tour – 2019 will include the following destinations: